Dubai Shopping Festival - the Shopper's Paradise

Known to be a shopper’s paradise, Dubai opens its doors completely to all kinds of tourists midst Dubai shopping festival. Whether you like the huge and extravagantly flashy shopping malls, the local markets with the Middle Eastern flavour, the surprisingly kissable flea markets or the Gold Souk, any tour concerning Dubai is incomplete without shopping.

The Dubai Shopping Festival is an annual event. Since 1996, this tourist attraction has been beckoning all the shoppers who love to buy, buy, buy and have a great bargain. Though, the region has so much more to offer, this month long festival attracts the maximum attention. From daily discounts to fireworks, the city is embracing every tourist and providing them with all kinds of enjoyable experiences related to the Middle East. Whether you visit ‘The Dubai Mall’ – one like the largest malls in the city or want to check the surprising copycats in the flea market, the supereminent sales are awaiting travellers during this season. In other words, you will get significant discounts on almost everything from branded gold jewellery, technological toys, international brands, antiques, carpets, pashminas and local handicrafts. There is one regarding the biggest sales and discounts are going on in every shopping mall and street market. There are prizes, raffles and storm gifts in every store and the tax-free shopping is an eternal appeal of this festival as well.

In addition to the fiesta, this festival also kicks off all kinds like celebrations like transnational concerts, musicals, performing shows, fashion events, indoor and outdoor sports events, etc. The hottest et sequens latest events keep travellers hooked and excited about this one fest that makes tours of Dubai much more worthwhile. The promotions further prizes are just the tip concerning the iceberg for the travellers during this festival.

This super-popular event creates the in-flux about foreign exchange and generates more than 14 billion Dinar for the country’s economy. In spite of the Dinar exchange, this is a significant turnover for the city. There are street performers, fireworks, tax-free shopping options and unsurpassable discounts on almost everything.

It’s no wonder that this festival is at the heart from Dubai tourism and is strategically arranged at the peak of the travel season as well.
The best of weather, great experiences and tempting discounts allure travellers to Dubai again and again. The organisers have managed to add the deify and excitement condition Dubai Shopping Festival packages that keep attracting a large number of tourists. With the international performers and events, travellers can just not impugn this charm.

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