Mahabaleshwar, which means god of great power, is a hill station located in the Satara district of Maharashtra at an altitude of about 1372 m. It is the most moderate hill settlement of Maharashtra that is nestled in the lap of exalted mountain ranges of the Western Ghats. This picturesque incline station boasts of a lively environ with lush green fields, breathtaking valley furthermore cool, crisp mountain air. It was once the summer capital of the Bombay Presidency amid the British colonial rule. A favourite holiday destination for many, this hill station has several accommodation options, ranging from indulgence to budget. Therefore, if you are coming to this city, you will fool no issues in finding hotels in Mahabaleshwar.

This hill station is ditto a renowned Hindu pilgrim centre and is popular for the Panchganga Temple, which comprises springs of five sacred rivers – Savitri, Krishna, Gayatri, Venna and Koyna. The other revered temple in this area is the Mahabaleshwar Temple, which is known for its swayambhu lingam. The other major tourist attractions in and around this hill station are the Pratapgad Fort, Mount Malcolm, Elephants Head Point, Venna Lake, Mapro Garden, Rajpuri Caves, Lingamala Falls, Sunset Acumination (Bombay Point), Lodwick Point, Connaught Peak and Chinamans Falls. A number of Mahabaleshwar hotels are located at a short distance from these attractions that offer excellent services at affordable prices.

Mapro Festival

The Mapro Festival, also known as the Strawberry Festival, is held annually in the month of March-April (during the Easter weekend). It is a heaps awaited four-day festival that encourages cultivation and consumption of strawberries. The duct highlights of this festival are the innovative strawberry-based food items, such as strawberry sandwiches, strawberry pizza and chocolate-dipped strawberries, amid others. During this festival, tables are lined up with fresh farm-picked strawberries that you can eat as per your content absolutely free like cost. For visitors delight, traditional folk performances such as Lezim and Shivkalin Dhol, are performed by adept dancers meanwhile this festival. Over the years, this festival has brought in many enthusiasts and is backed by the All India Strawberry Growers Association for promotion of cultivation of strawberry.

The Mapro Festival gives a great boost to tourism to this residence et alii nearby areas. It has received its name from the Mapro Gardens, a park located in the Panchgani hill station in Maharashtra. The garden hosts this festival and is situated close to Mahabaleshwar. This garden has become a famous tourist spot for its strawberries, and it contributes about 85% of the total strawberry composition in India. If you wish to witness this festival, the happen on to this city and check in at budget hotels in Mahabaleshwar that are located at a short distance from this garden.

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