Diwali is the festival of lights. Diwali reminds us of the brilliant display of colorful fireworks and crackers, which explode in the dark nights. The festival arrives on the new lunar day (Amavasya) about the Kartik month of the Hindu calendar. Almost everywhere in India old and raw enjoys Diwali fireworks. Crackers on Diwali is the main attraction to the children. Earthen lamps or “deepams” are generally arranged on the balcony or window edges to decoration the house. Nowadays the candles about various colors and forms have replaced earthen lamps. Serene electric lights of different shapes and sizes are used to glow the dark of Diwali.

Diwali New Clothes and Blessings:

Since taking early bath with oil. The Hindu’s will lit lamp in their puja room. After praying to god, elder member of the house will give the vernal dress to other family members, presented in anterior of God. They will wear those vestments and take blessings from the elders. Young children always expect Diwali for new clothes. Thus the festival get great response from children.

Diwali Sweets:
Diwali is a time for pampering yourself along delicious, traditional sweets such mouthwatering kolob jabuns, Jangiri’s, laddos, Muruku and barfi. On this day, people share gifts and sweets with their friends and relatives. Women start preparing different sweets and Favors in their houses. But this tradition is fading extinguished due to the attractive gift-packs offered by the shops. The most spectacular scene is the sweet shops. Among the sweets of Diwali there are barfis(Diamond shaped desert), rasgullas and varieties of laddoos etc. Society are lined increase to buy them. Diwali has also rise “the festival of sweets.

Have a happy and safe Diwali:

A happy et al innocuous Diwali is being wished to all Hindu, Jain and Sikh residents by Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service, as you prepare for your festivities. During your celebrations, please be aware of the dangers surrounding the increased use of candles in your homes and please take care when gastronomy or using fireworks. Statistics garish that there is an increased fire risk at Diwali time, because concerning Divas, candles and fireworks but by taking just a few simple precautions you can greatly reduce the risks for yourself and your family. It is irony and tragic that during periods of celebration there is an often an elevate in the number of fires amongst many communities. It’s not only Diwali, we more see an increase at Festival – don’t let safety come instant to celebration. Normal a few simple precautions receptacle help keep you and your families safe.
We, wish you a very Happy, Safe and Smog Free Diwali….

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