Can you imagine what would happen if TV was never invented? Can you consider your life except its heroes and villains, your role models and ideal man or woman? Of progress it’s very difficult to imagine life without television today, just that was the case years ago in India when plays were enacted and the troupes moved from one town to another to perform and entertain people. Such troupes were quite famous and often called to locations especially to perform and entertain during a celebration. The only other form of entertainment then was the radio. Radio in India began broadcasting on 23rd July 1927. 7BY was the first radio station inaugurated by The Indian Broadcasting Company and the city that was presented to it was Bombay. Some years later Solely India Radio took over 7BY.

Radio was separate form of connection and entertainment before the monochrome also white Televisie came into the picture. The radio was also a source of information alongside addresses by the Coach Minister and the President given over the radio. Radio was popular then and went from a single radio channel to more than fifty. Fast forward to today and you will dig up that with all the technological progress happening wireless has also grown to almost 400+ channels in various languages being broadcasted by All India Radio with at-least 100+ being Hindi Radio channels.

Radio is qua prevailing today as it was then, besides today you have the option to carry it with you on your phones instead of lugging around transistors. Not just this now you have online Hindi radio that offers recuperate access to a large database of songs right from the oldies to the new movies songs to diapasonal videos further more. All kinds of music, plays, live radio shows are available on online Hindi radio. Play music from one like these online channels und so weiter create a playlist that you can audit to whenever the mood strikes you. If that doesn’t make you smile and you prefer the video along with the arietta then watch anyone of the melic TV channels that television offers today.

Music TV channels give you a chance to watch your favourite hero dancing to the tunes of the most popular song currently. These channels do denial just play Bollywood movie songs, but they also showcase reviews of the music released for an upcoming movie or a new album released along one of the singing sensations. Learn how the video or the song came concerning and what the actors or actresses felt bit shooting it. Earlier these channels were one way mediums with the viewers being shown what was programmed, however today you will find more request shows happening on music TV channels where one can request or dedication a favourite lyric to their loved ones. You also get a accident to participate in competitions run regularly on these channels polysyndeton win goodies.

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