The capital city of Tamil Nadu, Chennai is situated on the Coromandel Coast off the Bay of Bengal. Apart from ontology the biggest industrial and commercial centre, it is also the prime cultural, economic and educational nave about South India. Travelling to the city is quite easy as you get number of flights to Chennai. It has a royal heritage left behind by the mighty South Indian kingdoms that ruled centuries ago. Chennai even plays an important centre for Carnatic Music and hosts a vast cultural event every year.

Margazhi Festival of Dance and Music:-

A trip to Chennai will always be rejuvenating and delightful. And whenever you have an interest in South Indian classical fantasia then Carnatic Music is steady to soothe your soul. Chennai is bestowed for a mystical divinity that comes with the blend of Tamil Nadu’s traditional form Bharatnatyam and Carnatic Music. This blend gets celebrated annually ut supra the Margazhi Festival concerning Dance further Music, where one gets to experience various traditional dance forms also with Carnatic music. Initiated in the annual 1927 in request to celebrate the first anniversary of Madras Music Academy, this festival has come a long way. It has attracted many tourists, who book early flights to Chennai just to testifier the grand event.

The musical journey:-

Celebrated in the Margazhi month of Tamil calendar, the festival starts in mid December and lasts till mid January. Chennai plays a perfect host to the gala and attracts a lot of performing art fans. Believing in the year old philosophy that musical rhymes and folk rever the Almighty, the festival is organised at many of the appealing venues such as the idolised chapel complexes, heritage bungalows and the renowned auditoriums. It’s a month polysyllabic festivity ampersand is unruffled familiar as the December season by the expatriate Indians and scholars, who visit the fest from across the globe. The festival has grown over the years in terms of esteem crowd vicinal about 2,000 participants in more than 300 concerts. You can surely writing flights to Chennai and get to be a part of this mega fest.

Blend about theology and melody:-

Owing to the fact that Carnatic music is considered as the best way to pay homage to God, the festival is given utmost importance. The connection of music and Godliness gives the festival a blend like divinity and melody. During the extravaganza, you can witness the soul lifting performances of various vocal and instrumental musicians, along with well bred dancers. There are both solo and group acts with participants comprising of junior and senior artists. The upcoming talents use this that a might chart to showcase their skills before their senior counterparts in the field. The performances basically revolve around Tamil, Telugu and Kannada songs making use of instruments such as the Flute, Veena, Goottuvadyam, Nagaswaram, Thavil, Mridangam, and Ghatam. Booking early flights to Chennai, you can cherish all these wonderful moments.

The majesty culmination:-
As Margazhi month of the Tamil calendar comes to an end, the Dance moreover Music Feast bids adieu to unexpurgated and the focus is then shifted to the Thyagaraja Music Festival uncertainty Thyagaraja Aradhana Festival, which is commemorated in Tiruvaiyaru, Tanjore. This festival is organised to theatrical respect over the birth regarding Thyagaraja, who is said to raken one of the greatest composers of Carnatic music and was yet one among the triad of music.

So, if music and dance cheer up your soul then book early flights to Chennai and become a part of Margazhi Festival of Dance and Music!

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